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Consumer Debt Defense

If you have been sued by a creditor or debt collector for an alleged unpaid debt, or if you have been the victim of unlawful or abusive debt collection actions, I am here to defend you and take action to protect your legal rights.

Collection efforts and lawsuits can cause consumers to feel anxiety and uncertainty, and I am here to ensure you are aware of the protections afforded by the law and to provide representation and counsel during any legal proceedings.

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Business Formation & Start-up

Whether you are interested in forming a new business, or if you are already operating a business but want to take advantage of the personal liability protections afforded to limited liability companies and corporations in the event of a lawsuit, I am ready to help.

I also provide legal and business advice regarding employment offer letters and maintaining at-will employment status, creating employee handbooks, employee performance improvement plans, and general compliance and best-business practices.

Contract Law

I offer a full range of contract law services including drafting, reviewing, and negotiating contracts on behalf of clients.  Whether you need a custom contract drafted, review of an existing contract, representations regarding contract negotiations, or a combination of these, I am ready to assist you with all of your contract needs.

Strong contracts are essential to protecting a client’s interests, and they are a critically important means of ensuring clarity in business dealings and aiding in strong business relationships.

Business Litigation

Despite the best efforts of a business to avoid it, a business may have to engage in litigation to protect company interests, or worse, it may be on the receiving end of a lawsuit.  We are ready to represent our client’s needs whether it be taking legal action on behalf of our clients or defending our clients if they are the subject of a lawsuit.

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