Contract Law

I offer a full range of contract law services including drafting, reviewing, and negotiating contracts.  Whether you need a custom contract drafted, review of an existing contract, representations regarding contract negotiations, or a combination of these, I am ready to assist you with all of your contract needs.

Strong contracts are essential to protecting a client's interests, and they are a critically important means of ensuring clarity in business dealings and aiding in strong business relationships.

Specific Services:

  • Contract Drafting (I can create custom contracts or create an addendum to existing contracts)
    • Operating Agreements
    • Service Contracts
    • Employment Agreements
    • Contractor Agreements
    • Confidentiality Agreements
    • Non-Competition Agreements
    • Non-Disclosure Agreements
    • Non-Solicitation Agreements
    • Leasing Agreements
    • Promissory Notes
  • Contract Review
    • I will review existing contracts or proposed contracts and provide strategic legal advice.
  • Contract Negotiation
    • I will engage with third-parties on behalf of  clients to negotiate the best possible contracts to both protect the client and benefit the client's business needs. This includes in-person, over the phone, or through written communication.

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