Business Litigation

Despite the best efforts of a business to avoid it, a business may have to engage in litigation to protect company interests, or worse, it may be on the receiving end of a lawsuit.  I am ready to represent each client's needs whether it be taking legal action on behalf of a client or defending a client if they are the subject of a lawsuit.

Specific Services:

  • Risk Assessment & Mitigation
    • I will provide risk assessment and risk mitigation advice in order to take steps to avoid potential future litigation or legal claims.
    • I will review threatened legal action or pending lawsuits to provide risk assessment, claim valuation, and advice on next steps.
  • Letters
    • I will send pre-suit demand letters on a client's behalf.
    • I will respond to pre-suit demand letters or threatened litigation.
  • Mediation
    • I will represent clients in mediation in an effort to resolve disputes and avoid potentially costly litigation.
  • Filing Suit
    • If communication and negotiation have failed, I am prepared to file lawsuits on our client's behalf to protect our client's interests and enforce agreements.
  • Lawsuit Defense
    • I am prepared to defend our clients from service of a lawsuit through trial and any post-judgment proceedings.

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